Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Tribute to Communism

A reminder of the cost of one bad idea. About 6 minutes.


Ward said...

I honestly don't understand why you posted this video. By posting this video you agree with the statement it makes. However the statement is entirely wrong: basically it says "Communism is the idea of having a dictator who kills everybody."
This is not thought through, this is not communism and it shouldn't be presented as communism.

I don't think communism is a good way of running a country, but Karl Marx's ideas were not about killing, and communism should not be confused with socialism (as the tags of this video imply).

The regime of Stalin, Mao, and Kim Jong II claim to be communistic but those regimes were not at all communistic.

Fridgepants said...

The point of the video is that in order to have a communist society you need a large oppressive government to maintain central control of the economy and society. Communism will simply not work unless you've got a massive state with unopposed power.

It is this government which has the power to lead to the deaths of tens of millions. Communism can't exist without totalitarian rule.

Socialism is simply communism-lite. Socialism needs a powerful government to exist and impose the economic restrictions it champions. Communism and socialism are directly related and equally on the evil side of the political spectrum.

CLS said...

voluntary socialism at a communal level is your own private business. State socialism, the only kind that any nation actually experienced requires that central planners be able to direct resources as they wish. Included in that list of resources are human beings. Freedom is impossible with central economic planning.