Friday, September 21, 2007

Sick in America with John Stossel

John Stossel looks at the problems of health care in America and the idea of "free" health care. Six parts, about 45 minutes.

Marketplace of Ides in War and Peace

Richard Ebeling discusses the role of the marketplace in ideas -- in war and peace. Seven parts, about 60 minutes.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Economics of Inner City Gangs

Freakonomics author Steven Levitt discusses the economic principles at work within inner city gangs. About 20 minutes.

Cheetahs or Hippos: Markets or the State

George Ayittey discusses the role of markets in Africa and how hippos, large lumbering states, have done so much damage. About 20 minutes.

Steven Pinker debunks the Noble Savage myth.

It is often claimed that primitive societies were more peaceful than modern society. Pinker debunks this myths in this discussion taking about 20 minutes.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

How the US helped create Islamic fundamentalism.

During the Cold War the US actively supported and nurtured what became the Islamist movement. Once again America's interventionist policies created the enemies the US faces today. Author Rober Dreyfuss, about 70 minutes.

The State of Civil Liberties

Conservative Justice Scalia debates civil libertarian Nadine Strossen in regards to the state of civil liberties in America. About 65 minutes.

Debating state control of self-defense.

David Kopel defends the Second Amendment against Arnie Grossman, advocate of a state monopooly on self-defense. A one hour debate.


Journalist John Berlau discusses how the environmental movement in general harms people more than it helps them. About 50 minutes.

Gay Marriage

A debate on whether or not gay couples have equal rights before the law, about two hours. With David Blankenhorn and Evan Wolfson.

Milton Friedman on education and

Milton Friedman discusses economics and school choice. Note: there is unimportant crap for the first 9 minutes of the video which you can skip, before Friedman speaks. In addition ignore the introduction that equates Friedman with conservatism -- he wasn't. I wish people would get out of the way and let the man speak. About 60 minutes.

Civil liberties and the war on Terror.

Richard Yoo, who authored some of the Bush doctrines that shredded constitutional rights, tries to defend this authoritarianism in a debate with Richard Epstein, leading libertarian legal theorist. About 41 minutes.

Paramilitary Police Raids in America

Radley Balko discusses the rise of paramilitary policing in America and the threat to life and liberty. About 70 minutes.

The Clash Between Faith and Reason

Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith, discusses the clash between faith and reason. About 70 minutes.

Is Islam Compatible with Liberal Democracy?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali discusses whether Islam is compatible with a liberal democratic order. About one hour.

The American Freedom Agenda

Bruce Fein and Bob Barr discuss why they formed the American Freedom Agenda to challenge the unconstitutional powers of the Bush regime. About one hour.

Life and Liberty: a documentary on theocracy

Here is an older documentary on the movement toward theocracy in the United States. About 25 minutes. The face have changed but the goals have not.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fred Singer on Climate (German)

Fred Singer discusses climate alarmism at a conference in Berlin. About 50 minutes. German language.

How EU Law can be Used to Cut Your Taxes

This presentation is on how use European business owners can use EU laws to actually cut their taxes. It is about 75 minutes in total with Q&A. The speaker is Toine Manders.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Communist Monopoly: the Board Game -- humor

A couple of minutes of light-hearted satire.

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Power of Belief

John Stossel reports on mysticism and religion. About 45 minutes. Five parts

Atheism in America

John Stossel looks at the problems for non-believers in a Christianist America. Approximately 10 minutes.

Stupid in America

John Stossel looks at the government school system and how it fails kids. About 45 minutes.

Radical Islam and Culture Wars

A fascinating speech by Claire Fox of the Institute of Ideas regarding the culture war and radical Islam in the West. About 80 minutes with panel discussion and Q&A (which can easily be skipped without missing anything).

War and Leviathan: The Trick that Works Every Time

Robert Higgs on how war is used to expand the powers of the state. About 93 minutes, 7 parts.

Freeman Dyson on Global Warming Model Problems

Two parts, about 10 minutes.

Doug Casey on the war in Iraq

About 10 minutes in total.